Another 5D Crop

While I was out for a walk round Frensham Common today there was quite a bit of arial activity.

Luckily I had the 70-200mm lens on the 5D and managed to get a few frames shot off. Once again it was great proof of just how fantastic this camera really is. The shot below was taken with the lens at full zoom and as you can see the helicopter is very visible, but fairly small. The plane beyond, yes it is a plan not a blob of dust, is even smaller.


The following is a crop of the centre part of the above image, which I think is pretty amazing. I know that there probably isn’t as much detail in the helicopter as I would like and it isn’t possible to make out exactly what type of plane it is, it’s still pretty amazing considering the distance these were at.


The level of detail that this camera is able to capture is also well demonstrated in the following shot of a Chinook also taken from some considerable distance and heavily cropped.


This last one is again a centre crop.



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