Lightroom Version 4


Yesterday I got my hands on the new version of Lightroom and did a small post on my first impressions on my other blog.

Well, today I’m going to put up a couple more images to hopefully show just how good the product now is at modifying exposure and actually increasing details in all areas, even in the deep shadow areas. I’ve been going through some of my older images and reprocessing them using the features and without exception they all come out much better.

The image I’ve used here was taken today, a very bleak and rainy day, using the Canon 5D MKII with the EF 100-400mm  L IS USM. The following settings were used:

  • ISO: 1250
  • Exposure: 1/320 @ f5.6
  • Focal Length: 310mm

The actual distance to the subject, which is a staddle stone, was around 3-5 meters.



Above is the original image out of the camera and a portion enlarged to show the detail



The image above, and the detail crop, is the reprocessed image which has brought out the details in the shadow areas very nicely without any noticeable artefacts.

The following settings were used in the processing:

White Balance: Daylight

Temp 5500
Tint +10


Exposure +0.30
Contrast +23
Highlights -79
Shadows +52
Whites +42
Blacks -21
Clarity +79
Vibrance +36
Saturation -22





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