A Sad Goodbye and a Happy Hello

For a while now I have been thinking about selling my Leica and some lenses and on Tuesday I finally did it, or at least I part exchanged it for a new 5D MkIII and some cash. Obviously I would have got more if I had sold it privately but it’s always difficult to sell these things privately, so for me the part exchange was a reasonable way to go.

I’d had the M8 since 2007 and hadn’t used it since 2008, in fact I only ever took about 1300 shots with it in total and it’s not that it wasn’t a good camera because it was, and the quality of the lenses was second to none. Before I bought the M8 I had spent ages hankering after a real digital rangefinder camera and, like many, a Leica was something I had always aspired to, ever since I was allowed to use Tom Pictons back in the sixties when I was working at Time magazine. Even though I enjoyed using the M8 I could never quite get used to the manual focus, not so much that I couldn’t focus but it just took me an age to focus correctly. It’s highest ISO was only 2500 which also is not the greatest feature in the world and according to the specs it was not able to use an SDHC card, which actually didn’t stop me from trying a 32 gig one and succeeding.

For the next 15 months it became my camera of choice, until the Canon 5D MkII came along that is. I even managed to use it for some wedding work, but only for a few images as it just wasn’t practical considering how long it took me to focus it. Having said all of this, don’t get me wrong while I was using it I really enjoyed it. The following two images are of Signature and were taken at the BBC COTY semi finals in Liverpool in 2008 and were all taken on the M8.

ISO 320, APO-Summicron-M 90mm @ 1/60th – aperture unknown. About a 2/3rd crop

 ISO 2500, Summicron-M 50mm @ 1/30th – aperture unknown

The next image two images were taken on a trip to Salzburg in December 2008. This first image is a bicycle which was deposited on the riverbed, maybe its owner had a few too many Glühweins the night before!

ISO 160, @ 1/60th – aperture unknown. About a 2/3rd crop

 ISO 160, @ 1/90th – aperture unknown

Looking back through my Leica images now, they all look very flat, much more so than any that come out of the Canon cameras, no matter what post processing I do on them.

Even though I hadn’t used the camera for over 3 years I was sad to see it go. The sadness, however, was tinged with the excitement of getting the new Canon 5D MkIII, so the next post will have to be all about the Happy Hello rather than the Sad Goodbye.


2 thoughts on “A Sad Goodbye and a Happy Hello

  1. I currently own the Mk II but have rented the Mk III and it’s next on my “to buy” list. You will really enjoy the Mk III. It’s an awesome camera and I can definitely see the difference between it and the Mk II.

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