March Moon

Today I thought that I would share the phases of a photograph of the moon. The following three images are actually all the same image and show just what can be achieved with Adobe Lightroom after a photo is, shall we say, slightly overexposed – alright a lot over exposed actually.

The first image is the original out of the camera RAW file with no processing applied and when I first saw it I thought that there was going to be no saving it at all. The image was taken around 10pm one March night in 2011.

Canon 5d MkII, EF 100-400mm f4.5-5.6L IS USM, 1/2000 @ f5.6, ISO 6400 at 260mm

The following Lightroom processing was then applied to the image and it was then turned into black and white:

White Balance: Daylight

Temp 3250
Tint +0


Exposure +0.35
Contrast +45
Highlights -79
Shadows +65
Whites +29
Blacks -40
Clarity +2
Vibrance +15
Saturation -0

Tone Curve:

Highlights +75
Lights +25
Darks -40
Shadows -51

Noise Reduction:

Luminance 22
Detail 50
Contrast 19
Color 25
Detail 50






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